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Your (Super Accurate) Monthly Astrology Horoscope For June 2018, For Each Zodiac Sign

Neptune forms some intriguing aspects this week and continues to remind all zodiac signs to remain imaginative, creative and inventive. If life gives lemons, cherries or whatever else bitter sour, turn it into something sweet.  Saturn remains in the 10th House of the zodiac sign, Capricorn. On June 18th, Jun 18 9:40 AM Saturn quincunx True Node. Saturn will be retrograde until September 6, 2018. You are still to evaluate the past and project it into the present mode. It's a time when it can feel as though people are easily offended. This retrograde season can create problems while in the 10th House, in the area of career, family relationships, and friendships. This is a time when a long-term relationship, a lifetime friendship can end abruptly over a silly argument. Depending on which house Saturn activates during this time, there can be modes of feeling challenged, provoked, and set up for an argument in the strangest more inconsequential way but it can feel like a big deal. It's a time to lay low and not allow yourself to feel disturbed by unwelcomed drama.

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Any person that an #Aquarian falls in with will be a happy camper while it last.

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